PHD Gaming LLC was originally started in 2005 and began with indie J2ME cellphone game development. Nothing commercially succesful happened until 2008 when "Alien Invasion" and "EDU Blaster" were released from just a few weeks of programming on the newly available iOS SDK. It was received with decent reviews and would gross over $6k in revenue.

Development on projects continued with titles like "Mystic Maggie" that was a "read to me" interactive story released for Android and iOS in 2009. Sadly, the title wasn't a commercial success and nothing would take off until the release of EDU Duel Card Game" for Nokia Symbian^3 in 2011. This would end up winning their "Games->Trivia and Eduction" category in the "Calling All Innovators" contest that would bring its net revenue to over $150k.

As of late, PHD Gaming LLC has turned its attention to the new market of smartwatch development with the Samsung Gear as its platform of choice. These projects are all outlined in the Gear Projects page.

The People

Steven Carl Anderson is the owner and sole programmer for PHD Gaming LLC. He often collaborates with Linda Smith for excellent artwork and Matthew Myers (2eastmusic.com) for music/sound effects/voice acting.


To reach out to us, you can email phdgamingapps"at"gmail"dot"com.